Thursday, January 23, 2014

Time Hates Me

Well, my mornings are still running smoothly. Grammar, math, cursive and creative writing worked well before lunch. I used a Story Starter from Scholastic (love it, except you can't save to work later). She is still working on hers, and will likely keep writing for a few days now.

But after lunch, my plans of science or other unit studies for the afternoons is sucking. After a little geography, I jumped into today's demonstrations about light and refraction (3 of them). Took about an hour. I got her to do some more writing but our day basically fell apart around 2pm.

I have to come up with some other regular subjects to tackle in the afternoons. I hadn't wanted to overload our days but more and more we're coming up short. I can see some days in our upcoming Middle Ages unit will take a full afternoon (catapults!!). Can't wait.

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