Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Doing Cursive

Handwriting practice is going pretty good. They hadn't even started back at school. I'm making it a little more interesting by writing my own practice sheets. This page at worksheetworks is perfect.

Add your own text and it creates a PDF you can print. I write a sentence at the top and have her repeat it on the lines below. Today's was "Darlene was doodling during dinner". Much more fun than just writing "d" over and over.

Another social play event tomorrow, which I am really looking forward too. She's getting past her lonely stage I think now that she has a few outings to expect each week. I'll be making some phone calls tonight to see about some girls coming over on the weekend. Keeping my fingers crossed. Nobody ever seems to have time around here.

Our day today:

impromptu discussion about haiku poetry over breakfast
Grammar - nouns and their purals
Cursive writing practice
Math - introduction to division

Watched some Bill Nye over lunch

Spend the afternoon doing experiments about light and reflection
That's our main science unit for the next week or so.


  1. So what grade is your daughter in? I'm in the process of developing a pagan homeschool curriculum for my son (he's only 2 now but I'm preparing for later).

  2. She's in grade 4. Good idea to plan ahead. Trying to find non-Christian materials is tough enough, trying to find outright Pagan ones is nearly impossible.