Thursday, January 30, 2014

Between Units

Our days are progressing smoothly, and I think Em is getting into the homeschooling groove. Attitude has greatly improved and she's much better with self-directed projects or assignments.

Did a chapter review in grammar and more division word problems. Cursive practice after that.

Since our main science unit is done, and I'm not actually ready to begin the big Middle Ages unit yet, we're filling in time for the afternoons until next week. Today there was some news reading at Currents4kids and even a quick typing lesson. I figure some typing skills will come in handy soon enough, even though she's only 9. All those new-fangled computers and such. Oh, and we spent time together looking at animal pictures in a big world wildlife book.

This weekend will be all about gathering up resources for the Middle Ages unit. I expect that to last at least a full month if not 2. It's still really hard to judge since I have no clue how long each day or lesson is going to take. Still, I'm sure it will be more interesting than talking about sound waves.

Struggling with social options still. Another playdate is on the horizon for the weekend, but getting another mom to call me back is not working out.... AGAIN.

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