Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Enjoying the Middle Ages

So far this unit study is going pretty well. Still a lot to cover but I have found a load of good resources though the library books are a little iffy.

Here is our first lapbook:

Not that much color but each of these mini books is filled with writing and information. It turned out really well. I got most of the components from Homeschool Share. Not all of their stuff is secular, but this particular project was fine. I've been making some of my own worksheets too, which I'll start to post when I get a minute.

Trying to get a better schedule going for us, with a better plan for the afternoons. French and geography are going to be planned out better instead of just being hit or miss. Spending a few weeks looking at the world ecosystems too since that was part of this year's school work but we covered very poorly (in my opinion). The BBC Planet Earth series is an awesome way to look at the major habitats of the world. We're on deserts right now.

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