Monday, February 24, 2014

Back to it

We lost a day of work last week due to Family Day which threw my schedule off way more than it should have. We still had fun with some snowshoeing though. Then another lamb was born unexpectedly, which interrupted another day and the fact that the mother ewe needed a vet call was another problem too. So this week should be smoother. Let's see how that works out....

Middle Ages are going nicely. I do like the unit study concept where we can really look at a topic in depth. This week is more about knights now that we've covered castles. Last week, Em built an impressive box castle for an afternoon project.

I saved up boxes for months  :)  Here is our castle model, complete with working drawbridge at the front, two watchtowers with crenelations, an open baily and a secure keep at the back. She's been building Lego additions ever since.

Need to find a typing program for her and also get started on a little research "paper". She needs work on collecting facts and putting them all together, knowing what to keep and what to leave out. I've been stalling but am determined to start this week. The topic is Eleanor of Aquitainesingle child homeschooling . She read a great fictionalized diary about her life (check the link), and she is actually a distant relative. The interest is there, so I am hoping that there is motivation to do some work too.

Ok, now I'm just rambling and not getting my own work done.

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