Friday, April 11, 2014

Teaching Moments

Still struggling with her lack of motivation to pursue anything on her own, but there are moments that do come and go. After her reading the Helen Keller story (4 times) and seeing the movie, we're learning some sign language.

Another "educational" project that is more about character building has us going for walks and picking up beer cans and bottles. Conversations are all over the place, and she's gaining an appreciation for helping the environment on a personal level. The added bonus is that we get 10c for each bottle or can. Our plan is to collect all these dimes and try to save up to adopt a tiger through the World Wildlife Fund. She's really excited. Our local roads have never looked better, though I'd be a little happier NOT to find 15 beer containers within 1 km stretch of rural road. Not good for a few reasons.

Anyway, I'm a crappy blogger and will likely start using this page more for offering up more secular worksheets, ideas and unit studies that I've been building. There are so few options for getting secular material that I would rather focus on that instead of my own personal chattering. So stay tuned for some new stuff.

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